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Senka Mušić, born 5.11.1991. in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), is a Graphic Design graduate at The Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. She has been taking photos for a long time, but her professional approach stared 4 years ago. Her interest in photography is driven by the need to capture precious moments and to show how every subject/object has its beauty potential.

Everything is worth taking photos, photography to her is not just a profession, it’s a personal characteristic – a photographer is always a photographer.


Her works include portraits, landscapes, architecture, documentary and fashion photography. Both film and digital photography is of her interest. She is the proud winner of the title of The Best Photo of Sarajevo in April 2012 and the Second place in Fashion photography at Rovinj Photodays 2015. Her work was exhibited at various venues. Senka applies her photography skills within the domain of graphic design, usually incorporating her own photographs with design.  In her design work she usually prefers simpler solutions with added color work. Mainly based on posters, her design portfolio also includes logos, branding solutions and typeface design. Posters are mainly done for festivals and events. Her typefaces are mostly decorative and intended for creative use, not for texts.


Other than design and photography, Senka is involved in creative writing, mainly art journalism. Her interest in literature and art history have influenced her to pursue writing. Writing skills are also important in the presentation of her design and photography work, but her love for the art and design community pushed her into working with online magazines. Working design festivals and contributing in the search for new talents for Pecha Kucha Nights is also a part of her domain of work.










"Senka lends soul to her photographs; each photo is akin to assume a life of its own, eager to tell a story."


"Senka is driven by her obsession of capturing people, moments and the fear of being forgotten, from a simple portrait to a in-depth study of a certain subject and transformations – the final task is to immortalize everything around her – and inside. "

- Cover Magazine


" Her photographs are visually stunning, working both in digital and analogue, with many using her place of heritage as their setting. Publishing her work in series, Mušić’s subjects vary from studio photo-shoots inspired by Frieda Kahlo and the lives of her fellow art students, to unexpected paired photographs and snapshots of Venice. Each series defines itself from the next, with Mušić varying her style enormously."

- Hurd-it


"Her work is beautiful, personal and timeless."

- The Nonsense Society